Announcing Indigo Liquidity Bootstrapping Event on Minswap Launchbowl.

TLDR; a high level overview of the upcoming Indigo LBE on Minswap.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that our next Minswap Launch Bowl will be the Indigo Liquidity Bootstrapping Event (LBE), starting on November 14th. Indigo will be the first protocol on Cardano to offer synthetic assets. The first “iAssets” will be iBTC and iUSD (which will be the first native stablecoin on Cardano). Indigo iAssets provide on-chain exposure to real-world assets that Cardano DeFi users may not otherwise have access to.

Indigo LBE Overview

  • Indigo has committed to a Fair Launch with no pre-mine, pre-sale or distribution of INDY (the Indigo DAO’s utility token) prior to launch.

Indigo LBE Timeline

  • November 12th — Time to be announced — Indigo and Minswap Twitter Spaces.

Indigo LBE Key Steps

Phase 1: Discovery Phase (6 days)

  • Starting on November 14th 5am UTC, anyone will be able to supply $ADA to the Indigo LBE and will receive “goADA” in exchange.

Phase 2: Encounter Phase

  • Starting on November 21st 3pm UTC, LBE participants may exchange their goADA for ADA/INDY LP tokens.


Indigo’s LBE consists of 2 phases: Discovery and Encounter. The Discovery phase will last for 6 days, and the eventual INDY/ADA price will be determined fairly by users at the end. During the Encounter phase, to claim their INDY/ADA LP tokens, users must redeem their goADA obtained. Claimed tokens may then be staked in Minswap.

Please check our Discord and Twitter throughout the event to stay updated!


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Minswap is the multi-pool decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain:

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