Minswap Second Audit Completed by Anastasia Labs

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3 min readApr 19, 2024


We are thrilled to announce today the completion of the Second Audit of the Minswap V2 smart contract. With this step, the launch of the Minswap V2 gets closer and closer. Read below for an updated timeline on Minswap V2, and to learn more about the company behind the second audit, Anastasia Labs.

From March 20th, 2024 to April 18th, 2024, Minswap engaged Anastasia Labs to evaluate and conduct a security assessment of its Minswap AMM V2 protocol. All code revision was performed following industry best practices.

Minswap Labs opted for a Double Audit process to highlight the commitment to security as the number one priority for Minswap V2. After the completion of the first audit by CertiK, Anastasia Labs was engaged as the second firm to conduct a security audit. Now that the second audit has been completed, CertiK will be re-engaged to audit all changes and optimizations made thanks to Anastasia Labs. Once that process is complete, we can begin with the open sourcing of smart contracts and Bug Bounty! This Bug Bounty is estimated to last a month, after which the code would be ready to be deployed.

About Minswap V2

Minswap V2 is a fusion of reimagined design, enhanced trading experience, and a suite of new features. Some of the features which have been announced to date include:

  • Auto Routing: a Smart Order Routing Algorithm that scours for the best prices, even across multiple pools. If you’re trading from token A to C and A-B and B-C pools offer better liquidity for the trade than A-C, the V2 system will take the efficient route, ensuring rapid and optimized trade execution.
  • Advanced Order Types: Enhance your trading with smart contracts that automatically execute your strategies: ‘Take Profit’ to sell at target prices, ‘Stop Loss’ for risk management, and ‘OCO’ for dual planning, or leverage ‘Zap Outs’.
  • Dynamic Fees: Dynamic Fees level the playing field for all investors by automatically adjusting to market conditions, unlocking more returns for liquidity providers.
  • Revamped Minwallet and Profiles: With a deep focus on user experience, Profiles will enable anyone to claim a Minswap username, customize their profile, add wallets, and track their investment performance as part of an enhanced trading experience. Minwallet V2 will include a plethora of new features, taking the UX up a step.

About Anastasia Labs

The Anastasia Labs team consists of highly skilled developers who have made significant contributions to various community projects, including Lucid, Agora, Liqwid-Plutarch-Extra, and Lenfi. Furthermore, their developers have had experience developing and publishing end-to-end DApps including production projects such as WingRiders.

In addition to their project involvement, their team has been actively engaged in the developer experience domain. They have actively participated in educational panels focused on DApp Security Practices and Design Patterns, and their members have served as co-chairs of the IOHK developer experience working group.

They have developed software development kits (SDKs) that facilitate the integration of existing dApps with other systems through off-chain code. Their team has also designed various protocols, including bridges and staking systems, while also actively contributing to open-source smart contract languages and their associated standard libraries.

Overall, Anastasia Labs has established itself as a highly capable and versatile development firm with a broad range of expertise within the Cardano Ecosystem.



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