Minswap V2 First Audit by CertiK

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2 min readFeb 16, 2024


Today, we are giving an update on the state of the Minswap V2 launch. As part of the Catalyst Funded Minswap V2 Audit Proposal, we are delighted to announce that the Smart Contract code has been undergoing an audit by CertiK for more than 3 weeks and is close to being completed.

CertiK was chosen for the first of the 2 audits the Minswap V2 code will undergo due to their vast experience in audits across different ecosystems, including auditing several Cardano protocols over the last 2 years.

After completion of the CertiK audit, the Minswap V2 will undergo a second audit, highlighting the commitment towards prioritizing security. We will be announcing more details on that soon!

About Minswap V2

Minswap V2 is a fusion of reimagined design, enhanced trading experience, and a suite of new features. Some of the features which have been announced to date include:

  • Auto Routing: a Smart Order Routing Algorithm that scours for the best prices, even across multiple pools. If you’re trading from token A to C and A-B and B-C pools offer better liquidity for the trade than A-C, the V2 system will take the efficient route, ensuring rapid and optimized trade execution.
  • Advanced Order Types: Enhance your trading with smart contracts that automatically execute your strategies: ‘Take Profit’ to sell at target prices, ‘Stop Loss’ for risk management, and ‘OCO’ for dual planning, or leverage ‘Zap Outs’.
  • Dynamic Fees: Dynamic Fees level the playing field for all investors by automatically adjusting to market conditions, unlocking more returns for liquidity providers.
  • Revamped Minwallet and Profiles: With a deep focus on user experience, Profiles will enable anyone to claim a Minswap username, customize their profile, add wallets, and track their investment performance as part of an enhanced trading experience. Minwallet V2 will include a plethora of new features, taking the UX up a step.

About CertiK

The CertiK audit process consists of assessing and reviewing all In-Scope Source Codes, utilizing hybrid review methodology, which may include expert manual review, static analysis, and white box code review to identify syntactical, semantic, and/or logical errors in the In-Scope Source Codes. A comprehensive Audit Report delving deeper into the methodology, findings and addressing of audit findings will be shared with the community after completion.

CertiK is an industry pioneer in blockchain security. Securing billions of dollars in assets from the top cryptocurrencies has won them numerous prestigious grants from institutions such as the Ethereum Foundation and IBM. CertiK audit procedure goes beyond merely testing for bugs, also providing mathematical proofs that the contracts are bug-free, mitigating risks of hacks and exploits.



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