Testnet Feedback and MINt rewards

  • Same mainnet address in several forms
  • Same testnet address in several forms
  • Wrong mainnet or testnet address (using an ERC20 address for mainnet, or using mainnet address in the bracket for testnet address)
  • Participants that didn’t place their Discord ID in the #claim-testnet-rewards Discord channel.
  • Same Discord ID in several forms
  • Using the Discord username instead of Discord ID
  • Blank entries (empty Discord ID, addr etc.)
  • Botted entries (such as using long sentences that were copy/pasted word for word in several forms)
  • A — incredibly insightful: referring to excellent feedback for how the Minswap DEX could improve. These users will receive a (approximately) 5x bonus on their second testnet MINt rewards.
  • B — very insightful: mention of a previously known bug or issue. These users will receive a (approximately) 2x bonus on their rewards.
  • C — insightful: anyone that responds to the quantitative questions exclusively.
  • D — not insightful: this category was added in hindsight to reflect very poorly worded forms where some questions (even quantitative ones) went unanswered.
  • A → 8,277 MINt
  • B → 1,700 MINt
  • C → 850 MINt
  • D → 50 MINt
  • A set of Beginner‘s Guides/Get started with Minswap/Education Center (preferably with videos). Or a question mark icon or help button to explain how some parts of the DEX work.
  • User Care Service on the UI (perhaps a “Need Help?” pop-up that would link one to Minswaps Docs).
  • Many users suffer because of the documentation that has to be done due to tax regulations in many countries. As such, many suggested a downloadable option of orders in XLSX/CSV.
  • Real currency value apart from $ADA (option to change the denominating currency to $USD and others).
  • Dynamic Background Wallpapers — changing every season or special holidays (New Years, Lunar New Year, Christmas, etc.).
  • Fiat on-ramp where someone can use a credit card to buy $MIN tokens or $DJED directly on Minswap.
  • For travelers, it is more convenient to be able to track orders to one time zone, not local time zone. An option to display order times in UTC was suggested.
  • A fully-functional community governance module.
  • A homepage that is different from the overview page. Maybe a landing page with the newest tokens, features, updates, upcoming tokens, events, etc…Overview should be rehauled to serve as a dashboard, potentially showing your liquidity pools, and potentially your assets.
  • A “Pro Mode”: where users could drop the kitty theme and maybe an order book feature with graphs etc.
  • The sound effects (and possible background change?) of the Dex could be altered based on NFTs or Tokens a wallet holds.



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Minswap is the multi-pool decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain: https://minswap.org