Testnet Feedback and MINt rewards

MINt rewards are now claimable for those who completed all the steps and provided feedback!

Below, we elaborate on how to claim your MINt rewards, the process that was used to filter entries, and some of the feedback gathered from the forms.

How to claim your MINt on TosiDrop

1.Go to https://tosidrop.io/ — please be careful of scams and only use this official website.

2. Connect your wallet via one of the dApp wallets, or manually enter your wallet/stake address.

3. If your entry was among the qualified ones, your MINt tokens should then show up on TosiDrop.

4. Select MINt and click “Claim my rewards”.

5. Please send the exact amount of ADA to the address that shows up on your screen. You can either sign the transaction via dApp wallet or manually send the amount that is listed to the provided address. Make sure if doing manually, to send from the same wallet that is claiming and qualified for the MINt tokens.

6. You will be done! If you need a quick reminder on what the MINt token you claimed is for, and how it works, please read the MINt Section in our Docs.

Filtering and Categorizing Forms

In order to qualify for the airdrop, testnet participants had to complete a series of steps highlighted very clearly in the following article. However, that did not stop some participants from not following those exact steps, or to try to cheat the system through botting. In fact, the number of invalid entries, people using the same mainnet address across multiple forms and the attempts to cheat the system with copy/paste responses was rather high. Thus, before evaluating the forms, there was a Filtering Process that focused on the following:

After this filtering process, the original number of entries of 15,854 was reduced to approximately 8,000.

Once the unqualified forms were filtered out, Minswap Community Managers went through every individual Google Form to gather feedback as well as determine how many rewards they would earn according to a set of categories for the forms. In the article, the following categories were established:

Disclaimer: as you have seen the amount of entries is staggering. Minswap Community Managers dedicated a lot of time towards reviewing each one individually. The categories assigned to each feedback entry are final and will not be changed for anyone. For the sake of our CM’s sanity, it will not be possible to demand any revision of the feedback category or justification as to why a particular feedback form was assigned to one category over another.

With that cleared up, the MINt distribution per feedback category is the following

Forms Feedback

Barring the botted entries and some forms with very low quality responses, the Feedback received from the community through the forms was and will be incredibly helpful for the Minswap DEX. Many of the feedback ideas such as: allow sorting by price change on the Top Tokens page; notifications for existing orders to be fulfilled; the ability to mark as favorite certain trading pairs, and an Orders page; have been implemented already on the DEX. Be that as it may, many of the suggestions still remain to be implemented!

Below are some ideas Minswap Community Managers found worth highlighting from the forms. Please note that not all these ideas will necessarily be implemented, and that some of the best ideas have been left out purposely 😉:


We would like to thank Minswap Community Managers for the gargantuan effort to undertake the task of filtering and evaluating so many forms. Thank you also to the Minswap and the greater Cardano community for participating in the testnet and sharing your ideas to make the Minswap DEX better!



Minswap is the multi-pool decentralized exchange on the Cardano blockchain: https://minswap.org

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